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Body Weight Often Changes, This Turns Out Why

If you often weigh, you might realize that your weight can change every day. In fact, weight changes can occur within the same day. What are the causes? It turns out that the average adult body weight can go up and down about 2 kilograms every day you know. This change in body weight occurs not only when fat increases or decreases. There are several things that can cause changes in body weight. Causes of Weight Loss Going Down No need to be confused if your weight in the morning is lighter than at night. Scales can be influenced by many factors. Come on, find out what are the causes! 1. The volume of food consumed Every food and drink that enters the body has a certain weight, ranging from vegetables to soda drinks. Before digestion, the weight of these foods will increase body weight. Foods that are rich in salt, carbohydrates, and fats generally need more time to digest. While vegetables, fruits, and fluids are more easily digested and leave the body. 2. Consumption of salt
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8 out of 10 Indonesian School-Age Children Lack of DHA and Omega 3. How Does It Affect Children

A study published in the British Journal of Nutrition revealed that 8 out of 10 Indonesian children aged 4 - 12 years lacked DHA and omega 3 intake. The results of this study were quite alarming, because the intake of DHA and omega 3 had an important role in supporting children's growth and development. Children who lack DHA (docosahexanoic acid) and omega 3 intake tend to have learning difficulties, and even tend to be less intelligent. Parents must ensure that their daily intake of DHA and omega 3 is met properly, through the provision of food and drinks containing DHA and omega 3. Because, the body only produces DHA in small amounts, even omega 3 (ALA) is not produced by the body at all . Impact of DHA and Omega 3 Deficiencies Inadequate DHA and omega 3 intake will cause the child's growth and development to be disrupted, and cause the child to become: 1. It's hard to concentrate Lack of intake of DHA and omega 3 in children can make it difficult for children to

Around the Jakun Swell, Could Be A Sign of Thyroid Disorders

Jakun is more commonly known in men, although in fact, women also have it with a smaller size. If there is swelling around the Adam's apple, it must be noticed immediately. It is possible this is caused by a thyroid gland disorder that is located close to the Adam's apple. Jakun is a part of the body that is formed when the larynx in the throat experiences growth. Although commonly found in men, Adam's apple can also be seen in women. Jakun consists of a group of connective tissue that is close to the thyroid gland. The function of the thyroid gland is to produce thyroid hormone, which is very important to regulate the body's metabolic rate. The thyroid gland is just below the Adam's apple in the front of the neck. That is why, it needs to be examined further if there is swelling around the Adam's apple. Generally, thyroid gland disorders will be followed by symptoms such as discomfort or difficulty swallowing. Types of Thyroid Disorders Some conditions of